Shower Combo Pack

Shower Combo Pack

Bee'z Crochet & Knit | Old Country Bath & Body

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Reusable Body Rounds are handmade by: Bee'z Crochet & Knit
Manufactured & packaged in Inverary, Ontario

Soaps are handmade by: Old Country Bath & Body
Manufactured & packaged in Verona, Ontario


Set includes:
ONE (1) crocheted Reusable Body Round
** Colours will vary depending on available stock **
ONE (1) Soap Bar


The perfect sustainable addition to any self-care routine.
Reusable Body Rounds are made with a thick and soft yarn, these rounds feel gentle against the skin, ideal for sensitive skin types.
Switch from your mesh loofa or cotton wash cloth to these reusable rounds to save money and the environment.
Treat yourself to an at-home spa experience with these plush body rounds.

Recommended Care: machine washable on a delicate cycle (ideally in a lingerie bag), lay flat to dry


Soothe, moisturize & enrich your body with these luxurious, all-natural handmade soaps!


Treat Yo Self - Passionfruit, Nectarine, Mango, Lemon & Apple
Girl's Night Out - 
Black Cherry Merlot
Cashmere Cream - 
Musk, Sweet Vanilla & Soft Woods
Mr. Romantic - Dark Amber & Musk
Warm Vanilla & Sandalwood


Love Spell - 
Orange, Peach & Cherry Blossom
Fruity Unicorn - 
Fruit Loops
Happy Thoughts - 
Bamboo & Lotus



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