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'Nurse' Handmade Baby Slippers - Isaiah & Co.
'Nurse' Marble Mazes & 'Pocket' Sensory Sac - Isaiah & Co.
'Nurse' Sensory Pad - Isaiah & Co.
'Nurse' Cloth Bag & Handmade Beaded Bracelet - Isaiah & Co.
'Nurse' Cloth Bag - Isaiah & Co.
NURSE Sensory Goods, Accessories & Baby Wear

NURSE Sensory Goods, Accessories & Baby Wear

Isaiah & Co.

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Isaiah & Co. features handmade weighted blankets, weighted lap pads, weighted eye masks, sensory play items & children's clothing/accessories. 

Handcrafted with Love | Passion & our Senses in mind.

Handmade by: Isaiah & Co.
Manufactured & packaged in Stirling, ON

The perfect gift for Nurses, Personal Support Workers, Nurse Practitioners, Health Care Aides, Moms' in the Nursing field or anyone about to graduate into the healthcare profession.

This listing includes a variety of Handmade Essentials & Sensory Accessories with both Nurses & Children in mind:

  • Pot Holders (with Blueberry Muffin Mix & Silicone Spatula)
  • Sensory Lap Pads
  • 'Pocket' Marble Mazes
  • 'Pocket' Sensory Sacs
  • Baby Slippers
  • Marble Mazes
  • Cloth Bags including a Handmade Beaded Bracelet (made with wooden beads + essential oil beads)

Why Is Sensory Play Important?

Sensory play includes any activity that stimulates an individual's senses: touch, smell,taste. movement, balance, sight and hearing.

Sensory activities facilitate exploration and naturally encourage individuals to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore.
The sensory activities allow individuals to refine their thresholds for different sensory information; helping their brain to create stronger connections to process and respond to sensory information.
Not only are these designs extremely cute but they're super practical and proven to be effective with stress relief, anxiety, ADHD and so much more!

100% cotton fabric and 100% all-natural materials used to create all sensory products and accessories. Fun fabric patterns make these accessories unique yet stylish!

  • Enter any colour requests & any additional requests in the "add a note" to your order in the shopping cart.


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